2nd Monday Women’s Fellowship

These ladies met last evening at the Harvey house for a devotional, fellowship and snacks.  Come join them at next month’s meeting on August 11th (2nd Monday in August)at 6:30pm in the home of Cheryl Woodard.

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Hill & Cramer’s Sunday Sundae Pounding

Hill and Cramer’s Pounding was well attended this afternoon.  Sharon Law opened the festivities and Mary Collins did the opening prayer.  If you missed it you missed fun, fellowship and good ice cream sundaes.  Below are a few pictures from the gala.  To enlarge the picture, just click on it.

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Our Youth going off to Summer Camp at Lakeview

Lakeview summer district youth camps in the United Methodist tradition provide sacred time, space, & community where people can experience the life-transforming grace of Jesus Christ that continues the growth in discipleship within a local church.

Keep our youth and their sponsors in your prayers this week.

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