Trustee’s Corner

Helping Hand Church Work Day

In August the Trustee’s and church volunteers will be busy renovating / remodeling the men and women’s restrooms located in the Education Building.  Both of these restrooms will be closed during the renovation; however, the restroom in the children’s classroom will be made available for use.  



The Retreat Planning Team extends a personal invitation to each of you to attend the 17 & 18 October Retreat. 
This year our guest speaker is Beth Price.  She will be talking about “Women at Rest.”  The topic is an invitation for us to stop in the midst of our busy lives and to draw into a place of intimacy with the Lord.   Through the words of scripture, Beth will help us to learn what it means to “rest” in the Lord, to accept His invitation to rest, and to experience what He designed for us when He modeled it Himself on the 7th day of creation.
If you have any questions or wish to register for the retreat, please contact either Weida Borkowski (903-856-3139), Gloria Westfall (903-856-0256) or Gloria Alewine (903-856-2850).
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Hill & Cramer’s Sunday Sundae Pounding

Hill and Cramer’s Pounding was well attended this afternoon.  Sharon Law opened the festivities and Mary Collins did the opening prayer.  If you missed it you missed fun, fellowship and good ice cream sundaes.  Below are a few pictures from the gala.  To enlarge the picture, just click on it.

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